Dreamweaver Medical Associates

 Pre-Employment Physicals and Drug Screens are essential components of any comprehensive hiring process. A complete and thorough pre-employment examination is the key to detecting any pre-existing  conditions such as back injuries, hernias, heart and lung defects, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal conditions, skin conditions, skin disease, vision and hearing deficiencies,  TB testing, Hepatitis Laboratory testing, and others. We  can facilitate monitoring employees who may be exposed to various hazardous substances as dictated by governmental regulations. Be assured that the Dreamweaver Medical Associates Occupational Medicine program strictly follows the Americans With Disabilities Act.

CALIFORNIA WORKERS COMPENSATION LAWS maintain that "industry accepts an employee with all the physical and metal limitation, known or unknown, at the time of hire." PRE-EMPLOYMENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION is a benefit to the employer to reduce workers' compensation and health benefit costs related to applicants with pre-existing medical conditions.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT/D.O.T. PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS & DRUG SCREENS help employers assure that applicants are physically capable of meeting the physical requirements of a job and identify an applicant's limitations, thus, reducing the potential for on-the-job injuries, while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. The DREAMWEAVER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE PROGRAM can assist you in assessing your specific needs and in developing a cost effective, yet comprehensive examination program.

The Dreamweaver Medical Associates Occupational Medicine Program provides:

  • Basic Examinations
  • Occupational Health History
  • Drug Screening
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Work Fitness Testing
  • EKG and Exercise Job Analysis Testing
  • X-Ray Studies
  • Vision Screening and Hearing Conservation Programs
  • DOT Physical Examinations with Certificate
  • Functional Back Evaluations
  • Immunizations: Tetanus Toxoid, Hepatitis, Influenza and etc.
  • Screening: HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases
  • Other Hazard evaluation and surveillance
  • Customized executive and wellness evaluations.

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