Our Facility and Associates Provide Diagnosis and Treatment for Many Occupational injuries and illnesses and offer these services:

  • Fully equipped procedure rooms
  • Complete eye treatment rooms
  • Splinting
  • Orthopedic injuries, sprains, strains, fractures.

Radiology Referral Services:

  • Complete modern x-ray facilities
  • Radiologist verification on each patient
  • State licensed technicians

Physical Therapy Referral Services:

  • Close proximity and timely appointments
  • Strong Emphasis on functional assessment, work hardening and rehabilitation.

Laboratory Referral Services:

  • Vision screening by Titmus
  • All diagnostic laboratory services are available by referral
  • Fully equipped exercise laboratory
  • Pulmonologist supervised and pulmonoary function lab
  • Toxicological surveillance for occupational exposures
  • Most results available within 24 hours

Specialist Affiliated with Our Practice are:

  • Occupational Medicine are board certified physicians specialist; familiar with the special needs in the field of industrial occupational medicine.

Dreamweaver Medical Associate Program strives to provide quality health case through a large network of medical professionals experiences as occupational medicine. Our Occupational Medicine program  compares with ACOEM and AMA disability Guidelines. We also treat in accordance with the Federal State, County and Public Health Guidelines.

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