Case Management is a critical aspect of Occupational Medicine. Excellent case management requires superior communication. We know that our responsiveness is crucial to your business.  We will keep you apprised of the progress of your injured employee(s).

The Dreamweaver Medical Associates Occupational Medicine Program's commitment to you Includes:

  • Personal phone calls from Dreamweaver Medical Associates physicians and staff to the employer on each case treated.
  • Clients Liaisons Personnel at your service to answer Question, research complicated issues and facilitate communication between you and treating medical staff.
  • Fast and timely Paperwork processing and information reporting, i.e."Doctor's  First Report of Injury, PR2 Reports, Status Reports with copies of Progress Reports, Failed Appointment Notification, Physical Examination and Encounters, and Substance Abuse Screening Results.
  • Written Progress Reports filled out and delivered to you with each office visit. This includes Doctor's Treatment Plan and Patient's Work Status.

The Dreamweaver Medical Associates Occupational Medicine Program believes that the prevention of illness and injury is just as important factors of Quality of Management treatment.

Our goal is to provide you and your employees with a wide variety of educational programs to assist you in caring, healthy, and safe work environment.

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